Maine’s Coast from a Wooden Sail Boat

Unique and Classic

This is an authentic replica of a “No Man’s Land” boat designed for coastal lobstering and used from around 1850 – 1920’s, when inboard engines became available. The No Man’s Land boat has a loose footed cat-ketch sprit rig, making it smooth and easy to sail. These very stable and seaworthy vessels were common all along the New England coastline with each region having a variation on the basic theme. The hull is made of pine planks, oak frames and copper rivets and there is no engine, just 2 big ash oars!

Captain Goat Hubbard

Grant is the Chief Captain and Director of Operations for Finestkind Cruises. Grant was raised as a “cove rat”, spending his summers plying the waters of Perkins Cove and the Atlantic Ocean. As a boy, Grant hauled lobster traps from a punt to demonstrate lobstering for the passengers aboard the Finestkind; thus began a lifelong vocation. During the off season you could find Grant at the Ogunquit Elementary school – the charming schoolhouse on School Street in Ogunquit where his dog Smokey would follow him to school and wait for him to get out at the end of the day! Grant attended Berwick Academy and Johnson and Wales University and worked as a chef for many years in the area, including Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit.

Grant eventually returned to his roots after several years in hot kitchens – he assumed the responsibility of managing the operation after the death of his father, Oscar. Grant is licensed as a Master, 100 tons power and sail and is also a licensed Lobsterman in the State of Maine. Grant is an experienced offshore and long distance sailor, windsurfer, boat builder and mechanic but is happiest when sailing The Cricket in a beautiful sea breeze.

Sail tied to mast - copyright DAG Photography
Ladies sailing in Ogunquit
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